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Adam Dayan, Esq. | Partner & Co-Founder

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Adam Dayan, Esq., went to UW Madison for his undergraduate degree and then Chicago Kent College of Law. In 2010, he co-founded Community Tax, a tax preparation, resolution and bookkeeping company. CTax is one of the biggest tax resolution businesses in the United States. Adam is also the CEO of Consumer Law Group, a law firm assisting Chicago clients with their legal needs including bankruptcy, immigration and foreclosure. Adam is a co-founder of National Funding Group. Adam ensures every customer has an understanding of the credits that will maximize their income tax return, including the earned income credit. Adam is licensed to practice law in Illinois.

Jacob Dayan | Partner & Co-Founder

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Jacob Dayan attended the University of Michigan and Ross School of Business. He has a bachelors in Business Administration. Jacob’s previous work includes financial analyst experience for several financial groups in New York. In 2010, Jacob co-founded Community Tax. Jacob assists taxpayers and educates them about the benefits of taking the earned income credit. He is also the co-founder and President of National Funding Group, LLC.
Nick Charveron | Partner & Co-Founder

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Nick Charveron received his Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois University in 2006. While in college, he served with the U.S. Army Illinois National Guard and interned at the United States Embassy in Warsaw, Poland. Nick’s career began in San Diego, Calif., where his work predominately focused in Real Estate finance transactions. Though his love and passion for Real Estate has never left him, when Nick returned to Illinois, he transitioned his financial service career to tax and accounting. Currently residing in Chicago, IL, Nick is happily married with two beautiful children. Nick Charveron is a licensed tax practitioner, Co-Founder & Partner of Community Tax, LLC. Nick’s Enrolled Agent designation is the highest tax credential offered by the U.S Department of Treasury, providing unrestricted practice rights before the IRS. .

Matt DiRaimondo, Esq. | Partner & Co-Founder

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Matt DiRaimondo co-founded Community Tax in 2010. He attended SUNY in Buffalo, NY and went on to Michigan St. College of Law. He received his LLM in taxation from Chicago Kent College of Law. Matt ensures that his customers are aware of the earned income credit and the potential benefits to be gained from taking the credit. Mr. DiRaimondo has a license to practice law in the Federal Bankruptcy Court in the Northern District in Illinois and the Federal District Court in Northern Illinois.
Doug Drebes, CPA | Certified Public Accountant

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Doug Drebes received his undergraduate degree in Accountancy from University of Illinois in Champaign, Il. Doug has 15 years of experience working as a CPA. Before joining CTax, Doug represented individuals and businesses before the state and IRS tax authorities for four years. He also worked for Merrill Lynch, Inc. where he focused on corporate finance. Doug helps taxpayers take the earned income credit. He is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in Illinois.

Robert A Jakovich, CPA | Tax Resolution Practitioner

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Robert Jakovich attended Dyke University. He has worked as CFO for the Cleveland, OH Hospital Laundry Services. Robert determines a taxpayers eligibility for the earned income credit and works very hard to make sure his customers understand the tax credit.He is a licensed CPA in both Illinois and Ohio

Mike Hoefke | Director, Strategic Marketing Group

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Michael Hoefke attended Southern Illinois University. He majored in Marketing. Michael has worked as a business development specialist and a tax resolution strategist for a tax resolution firm in Chicago. Mike ensures that all of the customers he works with know their eligibility for the earned income credit. He is manager of the Strategic Marketing Groups at Community Tax.

Daniel Urban, Esq. | Lead Tax Resolution Practitioner

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Daniel Urban attended Michigan St. University and graduated with honors from the College of Law. He later went to Northwestern School of Law. Daniel helps his clients file for the earned income credit so they can get the most out of their income tax returns. He is licensed to practice law in IL and the U.S. Tax Court.

Chad Dickinson, Esq. | Tax Resolution Practitioner

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Chad Dickinson attended Rochester College. He graduated with a degree in Business Management. He has previous experience working in the tax department of a large retail chain. Chad ensures that his clients are aware of the potential benefits of the earned income credit. He is licensed to practice law in Illinois and Michigan.

Jennifer Schaffer, Esq. | Tax Resolution Practitioner

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Jennifer Schaffer attended Chicago Kent College of Law. Her previous experience includes working in personal injury in Chicago. Jennifer helps her clients understand the earned income credit and determine their eligibility. She is licensed to practice law in Illinois.

Thomas Gwozdz, Esq. | Tax Resolution Practitioner

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Thomas Gwozdz attended University of Iowa. Before joining Community Tax, Thomas helped individuals resolve state property tax problems at the Michigan Tax Tribunal. Thomas verifies that his customers are taking the earned income credit when possible because the amount of tax saving is worth the extra time invested in filling out the correct paperwork. He is licensed to practice law in Illinois.

William Anderson, Esq. | Tax Resolution Practitioner

William Anderson attended SIU for his degree in law. His previous experience includes working on library and school boards. William is aware that the earned income credit is a mystery to many taxpayers and helps his customers learn more about it. He is licensed to practice law in the Northern District of Illinois Federal District Court and Illinois.

John Nagle, Esq. | Tax Resolution Practitioner

John Nagle attended University of Illinois in Champaign. He graduated with a degree in Political Science. John earned his law degree from John Marshall Law School. His previous experience includes working as an independent attorney in Chicago helping individuals and businesses with tax negotiation. John is always careful when helping his customers take the earned income credit because not all taxpayers are qualified for it. John is licensed to practice law in Illinois.
Mark Hansel, CPA, EA | Certified Public Accountant and Enrolled Agent
Mark Hansel attended Elmhurst College. He went on to get an MBA from DePaul Universtiy in Operations Management. He is licensed in Illinois as an enrolled agent. Mark ensures any customer he works with that is eligible for the earned income credit is made aware they can take the credit and save on their taxes. He is also a licensed CPA.
Jillian Sharpe, Esq.| Tax Resolution Practitioner
Jillian Sharpe went to the University of Colorado. She graduated with a degree in Political Science. She attended Michigan St. University College of Law. Jillian assists customers with the earned income credit when she finds out they are eligible and have never filed information to take it. She is licensed to practice law in the state of Illinois.

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